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Kills 99.9% of Germs Living On Your Toothbrush Instantly

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Did you know? Your toothbrush likely has 100 million nasty germs crawling all over it right now! The UV Smilin’ toothbrush sanitizer kills 99.9% of harmful viruses, germs, and bacteria living on your toothbrush in 3 minutes with hospital-grade UV-C light.

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Kills 99.9%
of Germs

Deep Sterilization

Perfect for
the Whole Family


Reasons You Will Love UV Smilin'


Kill Germs On Your Toothbrush Instantly

The hospital-grade UV light destroys germs on a molecular level. In just 3 seconds, this trusted technique kills 99.9% of harmful bacteria.


Protects Your Health

Scientists have found viruses like strep throat, E. coli, and Staph lurking and festering on used toothbrushes. UV Smilin’ kills them off before each time you use your toothbrush, so they never enter your body.


Improves Your Dental Hygiene

Dentists agree that most oral hygiene problems come from the bacteria breeding and lurking in the bristles of your toothbrush. Stop halitosis, gum infection, and tooth decay right from the source.


Hospital-Grade UV-C Technology

UV Smilin’ harnesses the same ultra-powerful UV-C light used to sanitize tools in hospitals and dental clinics. No harsh chemicals needed to give your toothbrush a deep clean!


Shields Toothbrush from Airborne Poop Particles

Every time you flush, poop particles fly around the bathroom and land on your brush. UV Smilin’ shields and sanitizes your toothbrush at the same time.


Versatile, Travel-Friendly Design

UV Smilin’ fits all toothbrushes- electric, standard, and even kids size! Its compact design is ideal for traveling, and the battery lasts 30 days from just a single charge.

imagesBuy Now And Save 50%

Fits Every Toothbrush Size

UV Smilin’ is easy to use, and offers the perfect fit to every toothbrush- large, small, electric, and even kid’s size!


Simple, Versatile Design

Comes with a powerful adhesive to attach the UV Smilin’ to your wall, mirror, or bathroom counter with the magnetic backing.


Long-Lasting Rechargeable Battery

Runs up to 60 cycles on a single charge- that’s enough for 2 sterilizations, every day, for a whole month!


UV Smilin’ Customers

My teeth feel SO clean


I’ve had one of these before, but not this brand which I think is MUCH better! I love the idea of having the toothbrush in a sanitary holder just because you have so many germs floating around in the bathroom. Great to have for peace of mind, especially when I go away for the weekend and have to use a foregin bathroom!

Laurie K. - Sept 3, 2022

imagesYes, I recommend this product.

You’ll want one for every toothbrush in your house


Got it so fast after I ordered it. I am a cancer survivor and need my toothbrush to be germ free without using harsh chemicals. Exceeded my expectations - it sterilizes fast and hardly takes up any space on my counter. I can tell it’s working because my toothbrush no longer has that weird toothbrush smell. Highly recommend!

Henry T. - Aug 29, 2022

imagesYes, I recommend this product.

Adios bacteria!


This sticks great to the wall. It comes with 3M adhesive on the back just peel and stick. Super easy. Love that it sterilized our toothbrushes, a healthy mouth equals a healthy body. This keeps your mouth healthy and free from germs that normally stay on the toothbrush.

Tammy S. - Sept 17, 2022

imagesYes, I recommend this product.

I will NEVER have bad breath again!


That I can take this light toothbrush cleaner with me anywhere is a major plus for me. I put it in my purse with my toothbrush, and don't feel gross about using it after I eat out, drink coffee, or just need to freshen my mouth. I love it.

Sandy G. - Sept 20, 2022

imagesYes, I recommend this product.

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We are Sure You Are Going to Love Your UV Smilin’

But in case you're not satisfied, we are offering you our 30-day money-back guarantee. Return your package for a full refund.

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Is UV light safe?

UV light devices like UV Smilin’ are regulated by the FDA and the CDC acknowledges UV lights as an effective defense against viruses and bacteria. The UV-C light only comes on when the device is closed, killing the germs inside while keeping you safe from any exposure.

Will UV Smilin’ fit my toothbrush?

Yes! UV Smilin’ will fit your toothbrush, no matter the size. It even works with your electric toothbrush!

How do you clean UV Smilin’?

Thanks to the UV light technology, UV Smilin’ rarely needs cleaning. If you need to, just use a damp cloth or a cotton swab to wipe away any debris.

How long does UV Smilin’ stay charged?

Your UV Smilin’ will stay charged for up to 30 days, making it perfect for at-home on the go use. UV Smilin’ will let you know when it’s time to charge with a red LED light indicator.

How often am I supposed to sterilize my toothbrush?

We recommend sterilizing your toothbrush after every use! In as little as 24 hours, a single germ cell can grow into more than 8 million germs. That’s why it’s so important to thoroughly disinfect your toothbrush after every use with a toothbrush sterilizer like UV Smilin’!

Does it work with electric toothbrushes?

Yes, it works with every size and shape toothbrush! Even electric toothbrushes and child’s size toothbrushes.

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